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If you have been in any of these situations

I could have finished the slide deck in time if only someone did Google searches on GDP growth rates in China for me!

Oops! The meeting starts in 15 minutes and my boss wants to discuss the potential for our financial services products in Florida! If only I could have gotten someone to do me a 2 pager using some internet research on the potential market size for our products in the key markets of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach ………….

Hey, I have about 20 things in my to do list and I can manage the top 10 on my own with assistance from my analysts. But what about that 16th thing on the list - creating a simple spreadsheet with charts to show last month’s sales, YTD and MAT by country against budget and target? That’s too basic for my analysts to do. Their time would be better spent elsewhere. If only there was someone like an entry level analyst who could get this done for me!

Wow, didn’t know it was 7 pm already! Need to rush to the Italian restaurant – wife must be there already. But I need these 2 slides finished for tomorrow morning’s meeting! If only there was someone I could send this task over to finish off overnight!

We have to monitor blogs and tweets on our new promotional campaign real time. As a startup, I have only my coders and biz dev guys to delegate this task to while I am out the rest of the week to meet with our large distributors. If only there was someone I could put on this job for this one week while the campaign is running!

Nah! I am tired of creating content for our weekly newsletter. This is not something that earns me revenue. It is just to make sure we stay on our customers’ radars all the time. If only there was someone I could assign to this task every week! I can’t afford one more FTE for this.

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